Improve Your Swing with Two Simple Tips

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Are you truly ready to improve your swing? You don’t need to do as much as you think.  To start getting better do these two things: Make a lot of swings with reliable feedback. 

Truly, that’s all it takes. Consider these facts:

1. If you want to improve your swing … swing your golf club a lot! I’m not being a smart aleck here; good golfers must take lots of swings. They do this so they can be in tune with their equipment and have a good sense of where the clubhead is located throughout the swing.

2. When practicing, use some type of feedback tool - Whether you get this feedback from a good instructor, video footage, a training aid or launch monitor, it’s crucial you get consistent reliable feedback to make a change or engrain a swing.

Elite tournament players practice and play a lot. They spend a lot of time making practice swings wherever they happen to be. Luckily for golfers of all levels, there’s a new tool that can provide that immediate feedback, no matter where you are or who you’re with. It’s called the IMPACT IMPROVER®, and it tells you where your club made contact with the ball with each strike via a strike shield that fits over your own irons (PW-5iron)*.

Practicing with the IMPACT IMPROVER is more effective than air swings because full contact practice is better than air-swings.  And most players that are making air-swings tend to stand up through the impact zone which would cause a thin shot.  Why spend time making 50 - 100 air-swings a day teaching yourself to hit it thin when you could be making 50 - 100 full-contact swings with reliable feedback as to the strike point with the ball.

Users tell us they love the IMPACT IMPROVER because it gives them a truer sense of what their body and club do during the swing. As a self-learning tool, the IMPACT IMPROVER helps them not to be concerned about ball flight, but to focus on movement – the true cause of the ball flight! 

For an even deeper understanding of the mechanics of the golf swing, read Fighting Golf: Flow with Force & Fly. The book explains body positioning and balance points for solid, repeatable strikes. You’ll also get move-by-move drills that provide understanding and command of body motion during a strike. 

Fighting Golf
It’s important to take advantage of these learning tools. Why? Because the only person who can change your swing is you. Without the constraints of time and location that often keep golfers from getting in those swings, you now have the tools you need to get to work, any time, any place. A consistent commitment to swinging is the best way to improve your swing. 

 Good luck … and get swinging!

*The Impact Improver fits most irons.  It may not fit some irons with thicker top lines.