How Much Better Would You Be With 10,000 Informative Reps?

Tiffany Faucette

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I’ve condensed my 50,000 hours of golf experience into a way for you to improve at an accelerated pace with just 10,000 SWINGS … not hours.

How much better would you be after 10,000 swings?  There is a lot of talk about how getting to mastery/expert status takes 10,000 hours of focused practice.  If you are a recreational golfer, you are most likely an expert in some other area of your life, like that of your profession – surgeon, lawyer, accountant…or parenthood because family takes time.

Most people realize they won’t become an expert golfer because they don’t want to invest 10,000 hours…but what about 10,000 swings?   And what if those 10,000 swings meant something?  What if you found out something after each swing so your body either knew to correct or repeat.  What if those 10,000 swings could be done anywhere you wanted?

Most good golfers touch the sport in some way every day.  If they can’t get to the golf course, they either do mirror drills, swing a club in the house or do some putting.  Now, you can touch the sport every day in a meaningful way.  Using the Impact Improver -- truly it is “Golf’s Punching Bag” -- allows you to do the training reps with feedback so that you are ready when you step into the ring. 

Many golfers make practice swings or “air-swings” indoors but these "air-swings" don’t do much for them.  More often than not, too many “air-swings” cause you to lose focus because you are practicing without a target/ball.  “Air-swings” also tend to make most people stand up through impact so they are really training to hit a thin shot.  Using the Impact Improver, you will know where you made contact with the ball so you will be able to tell if you compressed the ball in the center of the face.  If you did make a swing that would have resulted in a thin shot, you would know because part of the ball would show under the sole of the club if you look at the golf club from behind after the swing.

So how long will it take to make 10,000 swings?  (Not as long as you think.)

- @100 swings a day – it would take 100 days or roughly 3.3 months to make 10,000 swings

- @50 swings a day – would take you 200 days or roughly 6.5 months to make 10,000 swings

- Using the Impact Improver, you can make 50 swings in under 10 minutes.  (It really took 8.3 minutes making normal non-rushed golf swings.)

I think most golfers are willing to make that kind of commitment for improvement.   Take the 10,000 swing challenge to heart and see how good you can become.  If you start the 10,000 swing challenge now, you will be ready by spring – Here’s to your game taking Flight!

Wishing you solid strikes!