East Hartford Golf Club is on the path to restoring its former glory

East Hartford GC 1

People are starting to notice the comeback East Hartford Golf Club is making. In partnership with the city of East Hartford and their investments in the club, Billy Casper Golf is restoring the course to what it once was.

John Lahtinen takes a look at the revitalization of the erstwhile Long Hill Country Club for the Hartford Business Journal, detailing the big changes already made:

East Hartford has invested nearly $1 million into the course this year, including $700,000 via lease purchase of 40 new carts, greens, fairway, and rough mowers, groomers, utility vehicles, ball washers, tee markers, flags, and cups.

The town also invested $70,000 for clubhouse repairs including carpeting in the locker rooms, pro shop, painting, ventilation, lighting, ceiling tiles, blacktop, and restriping the parking lot.

“Job one is to return the course to a more consistent and upgraded appearance, provide a good meal at a good value, and re-attract the membership that was lost in the past as conditions deteriorated,” Walsh said. “BCG has done a good job in that respect.”

Read the full story at Hartford Business Journal.

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