BCG Company Values: Employee Spotlight

Gratitude Graphic

At Billy Casper Golf, we recognize success stems from the collective efforts of our amazing team each and every day. This month, we’re showing our GRATITUDE to the greatest team in golf!

Listed below are some people and courses – nominated by their colleagues – who embody, embrace and encourage our company values.

Company Value: Integrity
Team Members: Ryan Andrews, Christiann Lerminiaux, Donn Hess, Shawn Harrison, Emilio Barrios, Steven Zhang, Accounting Team, Steve Alderman and Luis Cruz

Company Value: Growth 
Team Members: Chris Strand, Emily Clark, Tracy Hanford, Steve Alderman, Matt Storck, Alex Elmore, Nick Rash and Mary Leneweaver 
Courses: Cypress Landing and Eastpointe 

Company Value: Respect 
Team Members: Joel Gohlmann, Mark Wesolek and Patrick Kirn

Company Value: Passion 
Team Members: Dan Austing, Eric Smith, Christiann Lerminiaux, Dan Evers, Lucia Marquez, Jamie Freeman, Rob Polillo, Mike Bergum, Scott Kravitz and Janelle Cash

Company Value: Service
Team Members: Tony Nieves, Cassandra Sundstrom-Smith, Jeff Rowe, Mike Morales, Steve Brown, Rob Polillo, Andy Maguire, Ben Pasquith, Ramon Perez, Joe Koly and Chris Brown
Courses: Marquette Park 

Company Value: Fun 
Team Members: Jessie Demorest, Trevor Gilbertson, Grant Johnson, Liz Bauernfeind, Chris Brown, Erin Jackel, Emily Clark, Jenna Cordova, Peter Thien, Lucia Marquez and Joseph Diacovo

Company Value: Responsibility 
Team Members: Abby Marrinan, Jenna Del Polito, Patrick McCarthy, Kyle Dalton, Tony Steppich, Mike Stevens, Michael Ryan, Dan Urwiler, Janelle Cash, Dennis Taggart, Joseph Alvare, Rob Polillo and Kimberly Stahl
Courses: Berkshire Valley Maintenance Team 

Company Value: Safety 
Team Members: Dave LaPanne, David Rycroft and Bryan Rollins
Courses: Compass Pointe, Cranbury, Dauphin Highlands and Rock Manor 

Company Value: Team
Team Members: Sue Gaudio, Larry Randall, Steve Fadell, Hayden Dickerson, Brian Stiak, Chad Weitbrock, Jamie Mickey, Melissa Whiting, Rachel Moneta, Erika Castanon, Maniga Ali, Carlos Jimenez, Stephanie Duran, Gustavo Marca, Brad Smith, Stacy Krick, Jose Colon, Adrian Durant, Kristina Swoyer, Joe Ott, Aaron Kosh, Zeke Marshall, Jason Hoffman and Katherine Sweeney 
Courses: Colony West, Indianwood  

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