Tip Tuesday: Proper Meltdown Methods


Let’s face it.  We’ve all hit bad shots.  Whether you’re a weekend warrior or your last name is stitched onto your bag, no one can escape the dreaded duff, chunk, shank or slice.

On this Tip Tuesday we join YouTuber Rob Stocke who gives a lesson on the proper techniques for dispensing our clubs after a bad golf shot.  From the “Axe Man” to the “Punt,” enjoy this fun video showing you what do to after doing something you’re not supposed to do.

After all, nothing displays your anger at your pitching wedge than helicoptering it 60 yards down the fairway.  Honestly, how dare that club lay the sod on that crucial chip shot?!

Observe Sergio's flawless "Helicopter" technique:

We’re going to hit a bad shot, it’s inevitable.  So you might as well look good doing it.  Just remember, don’t take your frustration out on the golf course.  Hey, it wasn’t the fairway’s fault you hooked your approach into the lake!

What’s your go-to reaction after a bad golf shot?  We’d love to know, message us @BillyCasperGolf on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram