Tip Tuesday: Make Your Mark


Marking your golf ball is an important art form.  Not only does it help you identify your golf ball quickly, it also makes you look cool.  Putting a little Picasso on your ball can be, and should be, fun!  Make it as unique as your own golf swing; free hand it, trace it, make it personal … the options are only limited by your imagination.

So, on this #TipTuesday after The Masters, we’re here to bring a tip or two to help you mark your golf ball and hopefully, brush a few strokes off your game … get it, brush … we tried.  Also, be sure to check out the videos below as Jordan Spieth, Adam Scott and Bubba Watson talk about their marks.

Make it Personal


Golf can be hard, so distract yourself with some fun!  Draw a simple message, phrase, number or design that reminds you of something special.  For example, write your wedding date down, perhaps your best round of golf or even a fun phrase you share with your best friend (the ball to the left, though not mine, is hilarious).  Thinking positively will have a huge impact on your golf game.  Trust me, positive distraction can be one of the most important clubs in your bag.

Use a Guide

Products like Tin Cup have awesome pre-cut stencils.  If you really want to separate your golf balls from the pack, check these out.  Funny logos, animals, state outlines and even popular TV characters – my favorite is the Walter White icon from Breaking Bad – add a serious sense of style.  I speak from experience; I used a Tin Cup to mark my golf balls for a tournament the last year, the exchange on the first tee was priceless:  “I’m playing a Titleist 3 with 2 black dots,” to which I replied, “Oh, ah, I’m playing a Bridgestone 1 with a mustache.” You should have seen the look on their faces.

 One Dot, Two Dot, Black Dot, Blue Dot

That title could make for a great kids’ golf book.  But seriously, dots are the most basic and effective way to mark your golf ball.  Use as few or as many as you’d like, and don’t be shy on the colors.  Sharpies come in a wide array of colors; go for the classic black or shake things up and draw a couple dots using a neon yellow!  Or go even crazier and mix-and-match them.