Friday Funday: 6-6-6


Looking for a devilishly good time on the course with your buddies?  Try playing 6-6-6!

See what we did there?

A fan favorite, 6-6-6 is a great way to keep a round interesting, even when you’re not playing your best. 

Here’s how it works.  Playing in a foursome, rotate partners every six holes (so that way, for an 18-hole round, everyone gets to be partners once).  You can use any scoring format for each six-hole stretch.  Keeping the format consistent is great, but mixing and matching can make for a ton of fun!  For example, try doing one stretch as match play, the next as stroke play and the final as alternate shot!  Each match would bring its own set of unique challenges, and provide plenty of opportunity for trash talk.

The beauty of this game is that each six-hole stretch constitutes its own separate match.  What that means is you can stink it up for six holes and still be in the overall game, having 12 remaining holes to make up for your lack of good play.  Now, naturally, your playing partner at the time might not be too happy with you, but trust us, that won’t bother you when you’re drumming them during the next six holes.

(This awesome game is also known as Hollywood, Sixes or Round Robin.)