BCG's Continued Commitment To Safety

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Safety is the most important service behavior for any business in the golf industry. Whether it be for the golfers, employees, course or facilities, if operations are not in a stable environment, nothing else can be accomplished.

BCG has reaffirmed that safety is our number one priority in the January issue of Golf Business magazine. In the feature, two of our leaders, Bill Rehanek PGA, senior vice president of operations, and Sandra Colareta, vice president of contracts and risk management, have displayed how BCG is a trend-setter in the golf industry when it comes to safety on the golf course.

Bill Rehanek Resize

Bill recently shared his thoughts on the Golf Business podcast explaining, “Safety is our number one core value. Safety trumps all other service behaviors because if we’re not safe, we’re nothing.” He also shared, “by focusing on safety, we appeal to the business sense of golf course owners through the ever-increasing insurance costs to secure a safe, fun and enjoyable place to work.” To listen to the full podcast on Golf Business, follow this link.

Sandra Colareta Resize

Sandra, the 2019 recipient of BCG’s highest honor, the Chairman’s Award, has over 13 years of experience making sure we are safe from a financial standpoint as well. Author David Gould explains, “Unsafe conditions can lead to missed work, large medical bills, lawsuits and other threats to profitability. Even when no incident occurs, your golf operation could find itself whacked with OSHA penalties ranging up to $13,260 per offense when the inspectors come to visit.”

"We Place Safety First Without Exception." - Sandra Colareta
Listen in as Sandra shares how the results of “safety first” have built traction across the entire BCG portfolio.